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Until some time ago, web conferencing deployment comprised of only two options software-based and host-based solutions. However, many companies today are embracing appliance-based web conferencing products and are finding them better than conventional web conferencing solutions.

So, what are appliance-based web conferencing products, after all? Are they really better than host-based and software-based web conferencing solutions? Should you switch to an appliance web conferencing solution?

To answer the above questions and decide given web conferencing solution is the best, a brief description of all the three solutions is shared below, along with a brief description of the features of the best product in each category.

Which is the best Web conferencing Solution ?
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Host-based Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of using a host-based solution is that it is easy to use. Another advantage is that it is always updated.
However, there are certain disadvantages of using a host-based solution. The most notable disadvantage is that as a user, you don’t have much control over the security. Why? You may well ask.

The reason is simple host-based solutions are hosted on a 3rd party server, and you have practically no control over the security measures in place on that server.  The other disadvantage is that, over time, host-based solutions prove to be costly. You have to pay an annual or monthly fee for using a host-based solution. Over time, the total cost may add up to a considerable amount.

Software Solutions

Unlike host-based solutions, software solutions have no security issues. Web conferencing software-based solutions are pretty secure. The problem, instead, lies in the high cost of deployment. You need to designate a computer solely for using a software-based web conferencing solution. The other drawback is that the setup takes considerable time.

Appliance Solutions

Appliance solutions combine the best of host-based solutions and software solutions. To start with, they have a low upfront cost. That is because you do not need to designate a computer only for the purpose of using a web conferencing appliance solution. Most web conferencing appliances do not require any ongoing maintenance as they update themselves. Another distinct advantage of appliance solutions is that they offer high security as you can use a firewall to protect your meetings.

It is a misconception that web conferencing appliances are suited for only IT professionals. The truth is that average computer users can use these products just as well. Appliance solutions are not difficult to set up anyone who can set up a router can set up a web conferencing appliance with ease and they practically require no maintenance as they update themselves

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