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As time goes by we are getting older. This is something we can’t change, as much we would like to. Through the history people are trying to delay this process of ageing. Many things had been tried, teas have been made, prayers have been sung, nothing worked. Modern medicine might be on the way to change all of this. In the past years many recourses have been invested in scientific researches in the field of the human hormones.

Facts about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – risks and gains

When we are young this process is working properly, but as we are getting older this process is starting to slow down. General idea is that by ingesting synthetic HGH hormone we delay process of aging and keep our youth for some more time.

Facts about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – risks and gainsAfter some time, scientists discovered, that if you are healthy adult and if you are injecting synthetic HGH in combination with physical activity you may gain muscular body, and lose fat.

Muscular body achieved with HGH doesn’t mean actual strength, and once you stop using it, your muscles will loosen up. By using HGH you may build up a nice looking body, but it will not show your real physical shape. There are large and medical lobby stands against using hormone for this kind of purposes.

Using HGH it’s not illegal, and if you decide to use synthetic HGH there is a few things you should know about it.
Taking HGH by injection is the only proper way to take HGH. Other forms like pills, sprays and other probably won’t give you results you want. Some people are immune to HGH, if you don’t see any results consider that possibility. With Human Growth Hormone you will form nice shape of the body, but there can be some side effects.

If you are taking HGH by injection you may develop injection site reaction. You will see a redness around injection site, and you might have a skin rash. You may also feel some joint pain or muscle pain. Using HGH you may develop problems with kidneys. If you experience any of these side effects, advise with your doctor about the next step you could take. HGH may increase the possibility of getting diabetes as well.

There are no studies about consequences on the long term of HGH usage.

These days you can buy HGH over the Internet. Most of the companies you can find on the Internet are frauds. They will sell you products containing HGH but percent of HGH will be too small to give you any kind of the results.

HGH will help you develop muscular body, but you should be aware of the risks you are taking with HGH.

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