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10 reasons to like Amazon Kindle Fire

1. Price, Price, Price – Kindle Fire costs 40% of the Apple’s iPad 2 while accomplishing most of the tasks that iPad does and it also improves on some of the tasks that iPad 2 does. Keep reading.

2. The smaller 7 inch size has found overwhelming good responses from reviews. It fits into pocket, is less liable to be fallen off your grabs and provides ample reading space. Just compare carrying a more portable small size over over a big size text book.

3. Buying any e-book, music or movie is just a click away. When the Kindle fire arrives, it already has your login information – so you do not have to waste time.Purchasing from Amazon App store is straightforward.

4. Amazon’s Silk Browser is fast and intuitive. Most websites load faster using the wifi. Few reported problems has been traced down to the wifi source being used.

5. The touchpad is amazingly responsive – better than many other tablets and touchpads available in the market. It is based upon capacitive touchscreen technology – so you dont have to press hard at it.

6. One of the great aspect of the Kindle Fire is its amazing sound quality, which Amazon has been been able to integrate even while keeping the size slim.

7. On the top of all the advantages, if you do not like it – you can just “unlock” the Kindle fire and use the latest Android software – the operation is that simple.

8. While the storage in the Kindle Fire is only 8 Giga Bytes, you have the access to the storage using Amazon Cloud, which is better as you never fear of loosing data.

9. It does come with a USB connector, that you can use to transfer files, music and data to and from computer. iPad 2, for example does not come with a USB connector.

10. Again the Price. The $300 extra that you pay is not worth – these $300 adds only a camera ( that you are never likely to use) makes the Kindle bulkier and does not add any value. Use the $300 to buy something more useful.

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